How to boost car sales and dealership ratings

Your reputation is your most significant asset; thus, let’s not hide it. After establishing a solid foundation for your reviews, it’s time to spotlight your stars on YOUR platform. These are tried-and-true tactics that many dealerships use since they are very effective, simple to apply, and require little more than a little time and effort.

Did you know that 80% of shoppers – including 95% of millennials – read reviews of local businesses? That’s a significant shift from the way dealerships typically use their marketing budgets, isn’t it?

Consider your personal internet purchasing and research habits. Your Google search returns multiple results, each with a rating.

  • You begin by locating the star rating. Mentally order the choices from best to lowest rating.
  • You then verify the ratings by examining the number of reviews.
  • What you’re looking for is a large review count paired with a high star rating. Indeed, a 5-star rating with only two or three reviews pales in comparison to a 4.3-star rating with forty reviews.

Make satisfied customers your homepage’s star

“Welcome to Andy’s Auto” is a pleasant greeting for website visitors, but might it be stronger? Totally. After all, we are aware of the clients’ cross-shopping behaviour. Given that you only have a split second to establish the first impression, every word on your site must entice shoppers and demonstrate why they should buy from you.

The ideal technique to immediately engage visitors and establish trust the moment they come on your website. By dedicating a homepage slider to a recent review quote with a link to other reviews, you can quickly offer consumers a sense of how well they will be treated.

Emphasize the significance of the five stars

As you’re probably aware, most consumers are unlikely to offer five stars without some encouragement — the culture is ingrained by the notion that ‘there is always room for improvement.’ Gently but clearly convey the value of five stars on a personal and professional level: “A five-star review indicates that you had an excellent experience. If you are unable to provide five stars, would you kindly enable me to address your complaint before leaving a review?”

Provide feedback on their own landing pages

Avoid forcing buyers to examine your reputation across many platforms – create a page on your website that aggregates all of your 4- and 5-star reviews from Google, Facebook, and other sources into a single feed. This customized review landing page boosts your SEO efforts, increases engagement and time on site, and serves as a much-needed centre for showcasing and soliciting reviews.

It’s simple to develop trust when you have all of your greatest customer feedback in one spot! That is why we propose providing a link to the website to any leads with whom you are already communicating. It instils confidence and may assist you in closing the deal. Additionally, it’s an ideal location for email marketing and other consumer communications.

Promoters can help you boost the effectiveness of your advertisements

Nothing compares to the testimonials of your consumers. A satisfied car buyer sharing their experience beats any claim or offer you can make. Therefore, rather than exaggerating your own virtues or providing an absurdly low price, advocate adding evaluations into your digital advertising initiatives. They are completely free to use and work!

Illustrate to social consumers what makes your store unique: Create a tailored social media campaign to present your dealership to local in-market buyers who may not have heard of you yet.

Include your stars in Google ads: Integrating reviews into your paid search advertising is a simple approach to increase conversions. Google provides an ad plugin that enables you to display your star rating and the total number of reviews within your Google advertising. You are eligible to activate this extension if your dealership has received at least 100 unique reviews in the last 12 months with an average rating of 3.5 stars or higher.

Because your dealership’s reputation is its most precious asset, let’s work together to enhance it. Contact us and we’ll get you set up to ensure that every client has a positive experience and leaves a review to help your dealership succeed.