Powerful vehicle management system with stock management, cost management, sales management, accounting features.

Connect your dealership with Motor360

Stock tracking just got easy with location, stock movements & current status tracking.

Within 30 minutes of basic training, you are on your way to embrace the power of Motor360.

  • Capture all vehicle details
  • Status Group tracking – Available / In Transit / On Deal / Not Available / Sold / On Behalf
  • Unlimited Internal status tracking
  • Unlimited location tracking
  • Upload 20 photos per vehicle
  • 95 vehicle features available
  • Standard vehicle description for the website
  • Purchase cost in foreign currency with landed cost in local currency
  • Track all expenses on the vehicle by expense type
  • Expenses can be group by Purchase or Expense types
  • Fuel saver information
  • Push to Trademe (via Dealerbase)
  • Push to Auto Trader
  • Enquiry form / Make an Offer / Test Drive
  • Finance Calculator
  • Finance Application