Benefits of SMS Marketing for Car Dealerships

Every current smartphone user understands what an SMS is, but not everyone understands its capabilities. As a car dealership owner, you can use the surge in phone proliferation to promote and sell your car brand or dealership. SMS is an abbreviation for Short Message Service. Permission-based text messaging is used in SMS marketing strategy to broadcast advertising messages. It is a type of advertising and marketing that allows businesses to reach out to consumers of mobile devices.

SMS marketing has enormous business potential. SMS messages can be sent and received on any mobile phone. As per Statista, the number of mobile phone users has surpassed 5 billion in 2019. According to another study, 62.9 percent of the worldwide people already own a mobile.

Additionally, rapid reaction times increase your chances of qualifying a lead and converting it into a satisfied buyer by up to 164 percent when compared to delayed answers.

Encourage Sales Through Text Offers
When it comes to high-value expenditures like vehicles, it may be tough to strike a balance between encouraging and pressuring. Texts are personalized enough, but they also provide the value of space that clients seek throughout the decision-making process. You have the benefit of remaining top-of-mind without making them feel like you’re hovering over them.

You may also use tools such as keywords to automatically distribute discount vouchers to suitable clients who are undecided!

It allows for speedy responses and lead conversion

You have a lead in your email. You ring the prospect’s phone number using their contact information, but no one responds. Could an e-mail end up in their spam or trash folder? How about a casual-yet-professional text message? They will almost certainly receive a text message notice within minutes, and they will be able to respond to messages while on the road or wherever they happen to be.

When you’ve been working hard on incoming leads using SMS, your close rates will improve. Nonetheless, we understand that not every lead can be converted into a sale. Text messaging, unlike conventional face-to-face selling, allows you to work with more than one lead at a time. This boosts both the salesperson’s productivity and the dealership’s total sales numbers.

No More Phone Tag
Customers can connect with you on their own terms, which is a particular advantage of SMS. Phone calls are getting increasingly inconvenient for customers on the go. However, by enabling them to send you a brief SMS, you may prevent time-wasting back-and-forth while also increasing your conversion rates.

The showroom may be an unsettling place for vehicle buyers since they are out of their element and in someone else’s space. Selling via text messaging allows the consumer to remain in a safe and secure environment, where they feel more in charge. You may still steer the conversation, but you won’t have to put up the guarded front that many in-person customers do.

Manage All of Your Services

One messaging platform can be used by all of your salesmen, service providers, and billing agents thanks to capabilities like multiple user access. Stay organised throughout your dealership from an one convenient place.

Images and file attachments can be sent.

Text messages allow you to accomplish so much more than they did a few years ago. Photos of automobiles, brochures, non-sensitive customer information, and other materials can be exchanged between the business and the client.

It allows you time to seek answers and solutions.

When a customer is sitting across the table from you, it’s easy to be taken off guard or unprepared to address their enquiry or refute their concerns. You have time with text messaging to locate the proper answer or craft the right response.

Automated Client Engagement and Infolines 

Approximately 46 percent of vehicle purchasers would like to hear from their dealership after making a purchase. Keeping up with the demand for information may be difficult for salespeople to handle. With features like scheduled SMS, autoresponders, and templates, you can ensure that all important information is sent straight to your consumers. They will also be able to contact you through SMS, with your automated messages reaching them without your intervention.